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Thank you for visiting our site. Salt Lake City Stringer is a Utah tennis racquet stringing company dedicated to helping Utah tennis players get an affordable, quick and professional racquet stringing. If you were like me, you are tired of spending a small fortune getting your racquet strung, and waiting a week to get it!

Conveniently located in Murray

At Salt Lake City Stringer it is different. Our prices are ridiculously low because we feel our prices are fair. Our turnaround time is usually less than 48 hours. We will not only string you racquet, but help you decide what type of string and tension best fits your game and racquet. We will go out of our way to educate you on the hundreds of strings out there.

Due to increased volume, please allow up to 72 hours for completion and pickup.

Drop Off Instructions
Give me a call anytime to discuss strings. When you are ready, bring me the racquets in person, or use the drop box located on the right side of the house. Just throw your racquets in the side slot with a note (found on the top compartment). Don't forget to call me or send a text confirming your drop off.

Collin Meier
890 W Germania Ave (5150 S.)
Murray UT, 84123

Phone: (801) 349-6796
Email: collinmeier9@gmail.com

Get directions
Pick Up Instructions

Your racquet(s) will usually be done within 48 hours, and can be done sooner upon request. Just send me a text message to arrange a pick up time.

(801) 349-6796


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New Strings Available:

Prince Lightning Power
Gamma TNT2

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