Racquet Service


Salt Lake City Stringer offers additional services to add to your racquet stringing.


Is your grip getting old and hard to hang on to? Replace it. You will be amazed in the difference it will make.


Add a shock dampener to reduce the vibration and noise in your strings.


Tennis elbow? Your racquet may be to light. The lighter your tennis racquet the more the racquet will transfer movement into your elbow. Make the tennis racquet do the work, not your arm. We offer lead tape to add to your racquet to increase the weight.


We also offer head tape to protect your racquet and strings from nicks and scratches. If you grommets are wearing down, replace them before your strings wear down and break.


Add a racquet stencil logo to your strings. Choose between red, black or blue.


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Prince Dura Tac


Smooth, tacky surface. One of the most popular overgrips produced.



Installed Price: $5.00

Wilson Pro Grip


A high quality overgrip. Very soft and tacky.



Installed Price: $6.00

Shock Dampeners


Prince "P" dampener





Installed Price: $2.00

Wilson "W" dampener





Installed Price: $2.50

Head Tape


 Gamma Super Tape


Protect your racquet from scratches.



 Installed Price: $5.00

Lead Tape


Gamma Lead Tape


Add weight to you racquet. Reduce tennis elbow.



Installed Price: $3.00-$6.00



Racquet Grommets/Bumper Guards


Replace the grommets on your racquet to prolong the life of your racquet and strings.





Installed Price $20.00

Grip Resizing


Shrink Sleeve


Applied directly to handle (grip removed) with a heat gun, this shrink sleeve will increase grip by one full grip size, while maintaining grip shape.


   Installed Price: $10.00

Racquet Stencils


Blue, Black or Red: $5.00