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"I found out about Salt Lake City Stringing through a friend. I have been going ever since. The prices can't be beat!"

From:  T. Mason, Murray UT



"I highly recommend getting your racquets strung through Salt Lake City Stringer. They are fast, reliable and have a large selection. I was paying $10 more per racquet before I found out about this company."

From:  R. Woods, SLC UT



"Every since I started going to Salt Lake City Stringer, I have been telling all my friends about them. They are so cheap! I am saving a ton of money. I break my strings at least once a week in the summer, and with prices like this, I can still afford to play. I am a customer for life. Thanks!"

From:  D. Watson , Holladay UT



"I had to stop playing tennis one year because I couldn't afford to have my racquet strung. Not anymore! Not only are they cheap, but fast. The place I was going before charged $5 for 24 hours service."

From:  J. Glenn, SLC UT





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