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Tennis Racquet Stringing



Below is a list of our strings on hand and the prices to string your racquet with that string. Any string can be added to our inventory within a few days. If you already have the string, bring it in and we will string your racquet for only $14 (hybrid string jobs are $16). Do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions.


Strung Price:  This is the total price you pay to have your racquet strung with a given string. There are no other costs!


Estimate:   Can't find the string you are looking for? Get an estimate on any string. We can have it in stock within a few days. Fill out the form below.





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Prince Tournament Nylon 15L

Straight forward nylon string. This thicker 15L gauge string is more appealing for durability and price than playability. But don't let the price fool you, this is one of our most popular strings we offer.  

Strung Price $16.00

Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex

The #1 selling string in the world. Something for everyone: good playability, good durability, good price 16 and 17 gauge. 

Strung Price $19.00  

Gamma Synthetic Gut 16

Exceptional all around performance and playability for the cost. One of the most popular 16 gauge strings ever.

Strung Price $19.00

Wilson Stamina 16

 Wilson's durability-oriented synthetic gut offers longer life without sacrificing power and feel. Available in multiple colors.   

Strung Price $19.00

Prince Topspin 15L

Large wraps around a solid core give this string a texture designed to bite the ball for more spin. Duraflex is added to increase durability.

Strung Price $21.00

Wilson Stamina Spin 16

 Durable, textured synthetic gut for added spin. Highly recommended for spin potential. 


Strung Price $21.00

Alpha Gut 2000 16

 Great value in a multifilament string. Winner of the USRSA's 1994 String Survey for #1 playability synthetic. Not recommended for string breakers. 

Strung Price $21.00

Sale Price $18.00

Kirschbaum Super Smash Honey 17

Most popular polyester string from Germany. Offers great durability without the stiff feel of kevlar.


Strung Price $21.00

Kirschbaum Competition 17

An advanced Polyester tennis string designed to offer increased control, comfort and playability. Good tension maintenance compared to traditional Polyester strings.

Strung Price $23.00

Prince Lightning XX 16

An all around performance string combining Poly/Nylon Fusion and Powerfoil technology for unmatched power.

Strung Price $22.00

Head FiberGel 16

Head's FiberGel technology creates a soft, very elastic fiber designed to increase dwell time and ultimately improve feel and control. Designed to be easy on the arm. Multifilament playability. A good choice for tennis elbow sufferers 

Strung Price $23.00

Sale Price $20.00

Gamma Ruff 16

One of the most textured strings on the market. Great for drop shots, slice and topspin.


Strung Price $23.00

Wilson Sensation 16

Wilson's #1 selling string. Excellent playability and feel using Wilson's proprietary Xycro-micro fibers.


Strung Price $23.00

Wilson Sensation 16 / Goosen Polylon Ice 17

This popular hybrib combines the durability and bite of the 17 guage Gosen Polylon Ice, with the great feel and response of Wilson Sensation 16.

Strung Price $24.00

Ashaway Crossfire 17

Popular durabilty hybrid. Textured outer wrap on kevlar mains provide increased spin and feel. Combined with a Synthetic gut crosses for extra feel.  

Strung Price $24.00

Gamma TNT2 16

Ultra-responsive with excellent feel. Gamma's best selling string.  


Strung Price $25.00

Wilson NXT 16

Wilson NXT uses Dupont Xycro Micro fibers along with polyurethane resin and coating for increased feel, comfort and playability.


Strung Price $32.00

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